“Think of the sound of JD Allen on ‘I Am I Am’ played through the filter of an English sense of melancholia, and you’ll get the measure of the fast-maturing Partikel”



UK Jazz Radio

“An engaging take on the art of the saxophone trio from one of the uk’s most engaging and promising new bands.”

Ian Mann

“Ford’s limber, inventive patterns, Luthert’s propulsive yet flexible bass licks and Eagle’s hard-edged lyricism constitute a highly satisfying album.”

BBC Music Magazine (Barry Witherden)

“Partikel brings the European Jazz scene something incredibly dynamic and original.”

Gaffa (Denmark)

“With a great sound and an excellent sense, Partikel deliver songs that really are cohesive.”

Jazz PT Magazine (Portugal)

“It is clear  that here are  three absolute experts at work. Each a  master of his instrument placing themselves at the service of the common goal of playing high-quality jazz music”

Mos Eisley Music (Germany)

“The three protagonists are musicians of great stature”

All About Jazz (Italy)

“Engagingly crafted, lucid music: cooly linear, the airy yet swinging three-way melodies were cleanly structured yet open to many an energising shift in accent and attack.”

Jazz Journal

“Partikel offer here a masterclass in the art of the trio, with music that is both eloquent and articulate.”

Jazz UK

“One of the hottest young bands on the UK scene.”

Jazzwise (Mike Flynn)

“the trio's second album is a more than worthy successor to its fierce, freewheeling predecessor.”

The London Jazz Blog (Chris Parker)

“Partikel is a piano-less trio of saxes, bass and drums. It’s a tricky medium, but in the agile and inventive hands of Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert and Eric Ford it’s also engrossing.”

The Daily Telegraph

“All the players are strong and creative and are set to develop together as a group...The compositions are episodic and full of variety”

Julian Joseph (BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line-up)

“Cohesion is the work of a talented trio. Partikel is an emerging force on the UK scene..... a strong ensemble with a powerful set of tunes.”

All About Jazz

“Duncan Eagles has a headful of ideas and a lovely lyrical tone, while Max Luthert and Eric Ford provide empathetic accompaniment...well worth checking out.”

The Metro (Robert Shore)

“Partikel bring both melody and dynamism to this minimalist set-up...Cohesion packs a mighty punch and is the sound of a new kind of power trio in full throated song.”

Bass Magazine

“The close-knit nature of the trio shows in how they handle tight, hooky melodies, and in the flexibility of Max Luthert’s bass and Eric Ford’s impressionistic drumming.”

The Guardian (John Fordham)